Government Finance

The page summarizes State and Local government budgets, as reported and by the US Census Bureau.


In 2019, taxes made up 48% of state and local government revenues. Nontax Revenue made up 31% and includes items such as University tuition, airport revenue, parking fines, sewer management revenue, etc.  The Federal Government augments State programs directly, which is referred to as Federal Funding. Additionally, the States operate several Federally-backed Insurance Trusts.


The images combines State and Local government data.  2019 data is used due to irregularities that occurred in 2020.  The Source for this data is the US Census Bureau's Annual Survey of State & Local Government Finances.  This resources differs from published budgets by State and Local governments; this data reflects what actually transpired, and therefore 2020 is the latest year available (as of summer, 2023).